Public Reviews Boost Business

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My First Rate is a product of Loud Mode Interactive and MDS Resource. We are Interactive Marketing Services companies composed of a tight-knit team of digital marketing professionals. We are comprised of graphic artists, copywriters, web designers, marketing strategists and website developers. We developed the concept for “My First Rate” in response to the ever growing need for business owners to have a process in place for their customers to be able to leave a review “immediately & on the spot.” Using QR codes that link to a...

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6 Reasons Your Website Sucks

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Step into your consumer mindset for a moment. You’re online and you visit ABC’s company website. Why? You need information. You want to buy something. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them and want to figure out what they do. Who knows. When you get to their website, it’s not working right for various reasons. It’s slow. It has broken links. It’s just not a good user experience. Now, what is your perception of ABC   after visiting their site? [I'll pause here to give you a moment to think about this.] And the correct answer is: You...

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Don’t Forget Basic Business Concepts

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It’s our job and responsibility to advise our customers on the latest and best practices to create engaging websites, develop online marketing programs to get them found and convert those visitors to leads for their business. It’s important to grow and evolve your online marketing efforts while always keeping an eye on the things that tend to get lost in today’s technology based business environment. One thing that bothers me to no end is that the art of the follow-up as we knew it growing  up and watching how our dads or...

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Effective Mobile Websites

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Business Website, loud mode, loud mode interactive, minneapolis, website, Website Design, Website Development | Comments Off is a product of Loud Mode Interactive. We developed this website specifically to market Effective Minneapolis Mobile Websites to Companies who want to be found by businesses or the consumer “on the go”. Mobile technology is rapidly changing the industry. A full 23% of all Web browsing time is already done on smart-phones, and it’s estimated that by the end of 2013 more people will be accessing the internet on their smart-phone than on a desktop PC. This could obviously have a big impact on the number of...

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Inbound marketing is where to focus your efforts

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Traditional interruption marketing has been shouting in our faces for over 80 years: “Buy me!  Give me money!” From telemarketers to yellow page ads; from billboards to television commercials; from circus barkers to street peddlers; we are all familiar with such intrusions into our lives, whether or not we have any interest in what’s being sold. Think of inbound marketing more as permission marketing.  When I, as a consumer, am interested and begin searching for something I want to buy, I ask specific sellers of these...

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Engage Prospects & Capture Leads

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As a follow-up to my last post this is what every small business owner really needs to implement: An internet marketing strategy that generates leads A website that captures leads Sure it needs to look professional and project the brand. Yes it needs to have all products and services listed. But the goal must be to generate and capture leads. Even simple things like lacking a phone number or email link on a home page can lose a sale. Make sure when choosing a web developer or internet marketer that they understand these guiding principles...

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How Does Your Website Fare?

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I know there are some really bad small business websites out there, but some fresh numbers paint an alarming picture. The stats come from “SMB DigitalScape,” a data tool that’s being jointly promoted by BIA/Kelsey and vSplash, the company that created the tool. The numbers were distributed last week in conjunction with the beginning of BIA/Kelsey’s ILM East show. How bad is the picture? Consider these pullouts from the news release: 60 percent of small business websites don’t have a phone number listed on the home page 75 percent...

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Think Victoria Business Resource Site

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Think Victoria is a website designed for personal interaction between the residents, visitors, community leaders and organizations, city officials, and local business owners. Loud Mode encourages anyone living, working or doing business in the southwest metro area to check out the companies listed on There are a lot of amazing businesses listed there and I know, as I would, appreciate the opportunity to...

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Post it, Tweet it, Like it

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These phrases have become commonplace in the lexicon of our world today—a world built on the social connectivity of global networks like Facebook,Twitter and Linkedin. With one in thirteen people in the world having a Facebook page, and 25 billion tweets sent last year alone, it’s safe to say social media has revolutionized the every day communication patterns of people around the world. The user friendly, interactive format of these new technologies have introduced social networking to the masses and set the standard for easy to use...

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Lights, Camera, Action = New Customers

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Video can truly bring your brand to life. Forward-thinking companies are utilizing video to better position themselves and give customers yet another reason to plug into their brand. Over 40% of consumers watch videos weekly (Borrell & Associates). In addition, videos can significantly improve your SEO results based on Google’s new algorithm. Overall, creating a unique presence through video encourages view’s, increases interaction and drives more conversions which is what it’s all about. Here are a few ideas on how you can optimize...

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