Don’t Forget Basic Business Concepts

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in In-Bound Marketing, loud mode interactive, minneapolis, Uncategorized, web design, web marketing, website, Website Marketing | Comments Off

It’s our job and responsibility to advise our customers on the latest and best practices to create engaging websites, develop online marketing programs to get them found and convert those visitors to leads for their business.

It’s important to grow and evolve your online marketing efforts while always keeping an eye on the things that tend to get lost in today’s technology based business environment.

One thing that bothers me to no end is that the art of the follow-up as we knew it growing  up and watching how our dads or moms always sent a handwritten note to thanks someone for an opportunity to present their company, for inviting them to a dinner party, a gift or anything you can imagine. The art of the personal thank-you is lost but not forgotten.

The next time you meet with a prospective customer, get asked to a wedding, are sent something special via the Internet, treated special by a customer service person (that doesn’t happen very often but that’s a whole “nother” article) send an old fashioned hand written note on personalized note-cards if you have them. If you don’t contact The first thing that will happen is you will feel better, then there is a good chance you will hear from the recipient (and not by email or text message) but a phone call because you will most   the only person to send them one for as far back as they can remember.

Try it, you’ll like it and if you make it a practice you will add more customers, friends and suppliers. Nothing revolutionary, nothing new but definitely a lost art that needs to be revitalized so that one of the most important communication tools of the 20th century doesn’t fall by the wayside completely.

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