Inbound marketing is where to focus your efforts

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in business websites, In-Bound Marketing, web marketing, Website Marketing | Comments Off

The Sales FunnelTraditional interruption marketing has been shouting in our faces for over 80 years: “Buy me!  Give me money!”

From telemarketers to yellow page ads; from billboards to television commercials; from circus barkers to street peddlers; we are all familiar with such intrusions into our lives, whether or not we have any interest in what’s being sold.

Think of inbound marketing more as permission marketing.  When I, as a consumer, am interested and begin searching for something I want to buy, I ask specific sellers of these items, “Tell me more!” First, understanding your ideal buyer personas leads you to those places I, as consumer, am spending my time searching for you.  Second, when you publish interesting and compelling content where I’m looking, you have a much greater chance that I will notice you and give you permission to sell to me.

Inbound marketing is more about establishing and nurturing relationships with your marketplace than it is about selling.  Filling your sales funnel with eager and qualified buyers is its goal.

We help you leave a continuous stream of interesting bread crumbs throughout the Internet, including websites, social media, video, articles, etc.  Furthermore, help you attract great customers who consume those bread crumbs and follow the trail back to you and ask: “I’ve seen your information.  I like your reviews.  What can you do for me?”

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