My First Rate is a product of Loud Mode Interactive and MDS Resource. We are Interactive Marketing Services companies composed of a tight-knit team of digital marketing professionals. We are comprised of graphic artists, copywriters, web designers, marketing strategists and website developers.

We developed the concept for “My First Rate” in response to the ever growing need for business owners to have a process in place for their customers to be able to leave a review “immediately & on the spot.”

Using QR codes that link to a mobile website let’s them leave a review as a form of appreciation for how great your product is right from their IPhone, Android or Blackberry smart-phone.

Here’s How it Works

Once your First Rate website is in place the process goes as follows:

  1. You are given a personalized PDF to be used as a counter POS advertisement with your customers
  2. You are given the custom branded QR code in a high resolution file that can be placed on your Website or used in any other printed materials you choose
  3. You promote the code to your customers
  4. Sit back and read the online reviews and watch for an increase in new customers.


  1. Reviews allow your customers to tell the world how great your product or service is.
  2. Positive reviews go directly to the online review sites that benefit you most.
  3. Negative comments and complaints come directly to you and are not public.
  4. 88% of entertainment choices made from smart-phones use online reviews to make decisions.
  5. This is a turn-key mobile website that allows your product reviews to grow with no work on your part!

What’s Included

  1. POS display of your QR code for customers to scan and submit reviews on-the-spot
  2. Hi resolution QR code to integrate into your Website or use in customer printed materials and e-newsletters
  3. Your choice of eight (8) review sites for publishing positive reviews
  4. Click-to-Call feature, so users can contact you immediately!
  5. Hosting is provided at NO charge

Contact us today to take advantage of our introductory offer that runs through the month of September.

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